fresh lobster

Lobster Restaurants should receive daily shipments of cold water lobsters flown in fresh and live from the Maritimes, Cape Cod, and Newport RI.   Often, the lobster on your table was caught in the cold maritime waters just hours before. Delicious, fresh lobster has is specialty.


So often, what you remember as being great years ago doesn't seem as wonderful today, however wonderful fresh sweet lobster that you may remember in the past will be every bit as great today. We recommend you order the a complete lobster dinner which should include either clam chowder or  lobster bisque, as well as potatoes or rice and Champagne .  Complete lobster dinners start at around 30 dollars and sizes range from one pound to up to fifteen pounds.  


Fresh lobsters

A lunchtime visit to a Lobster restaurant is also a treat with wonderful specialties like lobster sandwiches, Lobster salids and other special lunchtime treats. 

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